5 Best Water Based Pomade For Your Hair

Every man who wants to look his best will be aware that part of his presentable look depends on his hair. Over the years, several hair products for men have been introduced, by well-known and fairly new brands alike, and pomade is one such option available out there.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a hairstyling product that is considered to be one of the safest and most usable of all hairstyling products available on market today. This product is capable of styling curly as well as straight hair types. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be the only hairstyling product that can make hair silky and shiny without damaging the hair in any way. In addition to retaining the desired hairstyle or shape for a long duration, pomade also improves the texture of hair and adds gloss too. The product basically acts as a moisture sealant, sealing moisture into hair to help prevent frizz and dryness.

Types of Pomades

Basically, pomades are of two types: oil-based and water-based.

Oil-Based: The primary component of oil-based pomades usually happens to be petroleum jelly and therefore these products tend to be greasy. Also, oil-based pomades are water insoluble, which means it cannot be dissolved in water. These pomade products are usually cheaper than the water-based products. Oil-based pomades are difficult to remove from hair due to the level of grease. Also, the same greasy property of these products makes them sensitive to hot weather; hence, you can feel uncomfortable when going out on a hot summer day. Oil-based pomades will not be suitable for those with oily skin.

Water-Based: As it can be inferred by the name, pomades of this type contain water as the main ingredient. This typically means that these products are soluble in water and therefore are easy to wash from hair. These pomades are also weather resistant, so it can be used in all weather conditions. Water-based pomades dry out quickly and easily, without affecting the hair’s shape and these pomades happen to be more preferred of the two types.

Best Water Based Pomade

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold


Suavecito is one of the highly rated pomades on market today, and is a perfect product for those of you that are new to using pomades. The packaging of this product is quite simple and not a lot inviting; but, don’t be fooled by its looks because this is one efficient water-based pomade product. The first thing we do after buying a product is smell it. The Suavecito pomade has a nice cologne scent to start with. However, it has been said by users that once the pomade is rubbed between palms, its smell starts to change a little bit. If you are someone who doesn’t like sharp scents, then you would love this product.

When it comes to the texture, the Suavecito Original Hold pomade feels like a thick hair gel. However, it can be easily spread when you rub it between your palms and results in smooth textured pomade that isn’t sticky. Applying this pomade is very easy, and unlike the many other pomade types on the market, this one is not heavy and doesn’t pull the hair during application. One common complaint about this pomade is that it doesn’t give high shine to your hair when compared to many other products. The Suavecito pomade is available for $10.90.

Pros – Great hold, pleasant scent.

Cons – Not enough shine.

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American Crew Pomade

American Crew

American Crew is a leading brand in men’s grooming products. This particular pomade from the company offers high shine and medium hold for all day long styling. The packaging of this pomade is good and quite appealing as well. With this pomade, the first thing you will notice is its smell. It has a powerful, sharp and clean man scent, which will be liked by many. It has jello-like texture, a bit sticky, but highly smooth. As mentioned on the box, this American Crew pomade provides excellent shine to your hair, leaving you with a very soft and wet look.

Some of the problems reported with this pomade are that it leaves the hair bouncy, which explains the “medium hold” claim on the box, and therefore, you will have to use a lot of it to obtain decent hold. And when you apply more, it leaves your hair heavy and greasy, which is something no one likes from good pomade. Due to these reasons, this pomade will work best for obtaining messy look and curly hair, but it isn’t the right product if you are looking for something to lock in moisture. The American Crew Pomade is available for $11.56.

Pros – Excellent shine, smooth.

Cons – No proper hold, and leaves behind heavy and greasy hair.

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Imperial Classic Pomade


The Imperial Classic Pomade is one of the best pomades you will find on the market today. No matter what hairstyle you are planning to sport, this pomade will help you achieve it, every single time. Despite its simple and minimal packaging, the Imperial Classic Pomade easily captures attention. The product comes with a seal, which shows the company’s attention to detail and quality. The pomade itself is a colorless gel that comes with a very subtle fruity scent. The scent is not overpowering.

The pomade is thick in consistency. Its hold strength is given on the packaging, which gives a solid 4, the highest ranking for hold. The pomade goes through excellently well in damp as well as dry hair. As mentioned, the hold will last for a long time, without any need to comb again. However, you cannot expect a lot of shine from this pomade because it is formulated to provide high hold and not shine. So, if you are after a product that leaves behind excellent shine on your hair, this is just not the one you need. The Imperial Classic pomade is available for $15.91.

Pros – Excellent hold, works well on dry as well as damp hair.

Cons – Not too shiny, the hold could be too much for some users.

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Reuzel Hair Pomade


The red Reuzel hair pomade is a premium-grade water based pomade that comes in a rustic tin can. While some users may love the rustic style packaging, others may find it less appealing. When you open the jar, you will be able to notice a subtle scent, what the manufacturer claims to be cola. It is recommended that you apply the pomade on dry hair if you are looking for strong, long lasting hold. This product also delivers good shine, which is an absolute plus. However, there are reports from users that the shine is not as high as what the brand claims.

When it comes to styling, the Reuzel red hair pomade provides you with good control, so your hair will respond very well for every stroke of the comb. Another beneficial feature of this pomade is that it is extremely easy to rinse it off; with just a few splashes of water, you will be able to remove it completely from your hair. You can get the Reuzel Hair Pomade for $11.

Pros – Good hold, easy rinsing, quick styling.

Cons – Doesn’t provide high shine.

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Fiber Grease Pomade

Fiber Grease

The Fiber Grease Pomade is one of the cool grease pomade types that are available in colors red and blue. This yellow water-based pomade has a similar design and feel, but still unique in its own way. This pomade has a fruity scent, which some men may not prefer. However, the scent is very light and fades away quickly. The texture of the pomade is quite thick, thicker than many other fiber pomades available on market.

In the case of fiber pomades, most users look for dryness and matte finish; but, this one is pretty slick. If you are ok with this and need a product that is capable of holding your hair together, yet still maintaining a little bounce and liveliness, the chances are you will absolutely love the Fiber Grease Pomade. Also, the product does not dry even after quite some time. One complaint about this pomade is that it is known to melt when exposed directly to the sun. Therefore, during your time at the beach on a hot summer day, this may not be the right choice. Other than that, this is one solid pomade for the $19 you pay for it.

Pros – Slick, makes the hair bouncy, good hold.

Cons – May melt in the sun.

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With so many brands and types of pomades available today, choosing one can be completely confusing. Use our review to find the best water based pomade for regular use.

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