How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Hair is one of the most important adornments for human beings and it enhances ones looks. Imagine having to cut your hair simply because you cannot get rid of the split ends? The good thing is that trimming your hair is not the only solution of dealing with split ends. There are several home remedies […]

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5 Best Lengthening Mascara For Short Lashes Review

More than anything every woman wants to have long flashy eyelashes, but not all of us are blessed with long eyelashes. The highest numbers of women use natural fibers to increase the length or fake eyelashes. Mascara is a girl’s best friend but not all give the kind of effect you need especially for lengthening your […]

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How to do Pedicure at Home?

Winter is over and its now sandal time! As much as a salon pedicures can be relaxing, you may not have the time and money to indulge in one. But that does not mean you cannot have gorgeous feet. Here is a step by step guide on how to do pedicure at home. What you […]

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types of pedicure

How Much To Tip For Pedicure & How Much Are Pedicures

A lot of people often neglect their feet during the cold winter months and only remember them during the summer months when they can put on some sandals and show them off. But having healthy feet the entire year helps in preventing common nail diseases. When you have beautiful, well pedicured feet, you feel like […]

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